The Selection of a Wrist Watch

Published: 06th February 2012
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Wrist watches are considered not just a device to keep us updated with the time but also a symbol of style. It is evident from the fact that watch-lovers spend a lot of time in choosing a wrist watch which matches their taste.

If it were merely a device to tell the time, there is no purpose in being so passionate about picking a wrist watch. The purpose of keeping yourself aware of the time could be fulfilled by buying even the cheapest watch.

People spend much of their precious time and money on a wrist watch which satisfies their requirement to have a unique watch. The selection of a wrist watch depends upon the personal involvement of a buyer in it.

If the aim is to look reasonable by having a reasonable watch, the buyer may not spend as much time and money as he may spend if the aim is to look fashionable, affluent and chic.

Style, shape, colour, technical characteristics and most importantly price are some of the determining factors that define the efforts invested in the selection of a watch.

1. Price is a very important factor which highlights the significance of a brand name. Someone who will purchase a very expensive watch will definitely be concerned about the uniqueness of the watch.

The watch ought to deliver value by seeming to be exclusive and expensive. A lavish watch is intended to reflect the personality of the person wearing it. People also look for a watch of a superior brand because they derive satisfaction from the possession of such a watch.

The top watchmakers of the world focus on delivering esteem value to the buyers by using special materials like gold, platinum and diamonds, or features like chronography, perpetual calendars and fancy tourbillons. Not just men but women are also concerned with the esteem value of their watch.

2. A wider categorization of watches is made on the basis of their use i.e. either casual or dress etc.

3. Colours display a personís personality. People relate with a particular color. Most people choose between silver and gold color but there are no fewer people who prefer black, brown or even white.

These are some of the more ubiquitous colors but there is an emerging trend among the youth to wear watches of funky, charming and bright colors like cherry, turquoise, and magenta etc.

4. The material of a watch strap matters a lot. There is a wide variety of materials to decide from. It includes leather watches, metallic watches, and crystal watches etc.

5. A quartz movement also differentiates between watch manufacturers. Seiko being the first watchmaker to introduce quartz watches in the 1960's; the concept has revolutionized watch movements.

6. The size of a watch is also worth consideration because it defines comfort. Metallic watches are usually heavier and the leather watches are normally light weight.

7. Some prefer style more than brand name. Some inexpensive watch manufacturers make very stylish and fashionable watches to target young people.

8. Technical qualities define a particular category of watch that a customer may require. Quartz watches, digital watches, automatic watches and sports watches are quite popular.

In the end, it is not just one characteristic which guides a buyer in the selection of a wrist watch. Normally, a blend of these factors helps one to choose from a wide range of watches.

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