The Claws of Iron in Wrestling

Published: 14th October 2008
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One of the most dangerous moves in wrestling includes the Iron Claws. In this move, the fighter uses two fingers to grasp the temples of the other fighter's head. The temple is one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body. If a person clutches, or hits a person in the temple it could kill them instantly if enough pressure is applied. While most people know this, the claw moves have been utilized in the ring for sometime now.
I said it before and I will say it again: wrestling is not a sport anymore. Other moves in wrestling can lead to serious injury, yet the moves are often not recognized are potentially dangerous. Most times, wrestling officials layout rules which the wrestlers are to follow, however since the game now revolves around violence, the rules are often disregarded.
The camel clutch is one of the most painful moves in wrestling. This wrestling hold involves getting oneself behind the challenger, bending his arms backward while the challenger is face up on the mat, and the opponent is holding the challenger in a chokehold. Yet are these moves real?
Undergoing some moves in the ring, a person taking such blows should end up injured for life or in the grave. The wrestlers make the moves appear so real, that the officials go to the extent of removing a wrestler from the WWE, WWF, or other organisations, making the audience believe that the challengers are disbarred due to injury. The problem is, wrestling is encouraging violence whether it is play or not. Often, the wrestlers, managers, officials, etc will 'throw in the toel' or cancel a bout to make it look as if the fight has beome too 'one sided' or too dangerous.
Nowadays, these showy scenes are not a sporting event/ It is a gimmick to lure young minds into trivia. Look at the people that watch these programs. I personally don't allow it in my home, yet I hear about this so-called sport all the time. How does it work?
Wrestling is not a battle of agony then, where the result will be life or death. The strategy are to pin down the opponent to win and gain fame. Therefore, wrestlers must be trained accordingly, as well as having sufficient skills to master his opponent without causing harm. Most people in the ring battle verbally too nowadays and some of the words shouted in the rings would get the average person tossed in jail.
If you watch these people closely, you will see that most of the hits, slams, etc are merely acts, so the wrestlers will cause minimal harm to the other wrestler. The 'gut buster' is one of the holds in wrestling that entails lifting the opponent's shoulders and dropping him down to his/her knees and the challengers abdomen hits the opponents shoulder. Imagine if this really happened? If someone's abs were slammed down on someone's shoulders, it would hurt immensely.
How does it work? It works like any television program, i.e. it is an act but looks like the real thing. Still, injury occurs. The point of the pastime then is to pin the other actor to the mat. In most moves played in the ring, the player will battle, using moves, and finally putting the challenger in the submission holds or else pins him/her to the mats. Coincidentally, several of the moves have the same names, yet the players will often use different names.
The 'claws of wrestling' come in many forms. The claws will either make or break a wrestler's reputation on television although most moves are an act.

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