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Published: 25th May 2011
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Lego keyrings are a bright notion from the Lego Group and Lego UK. Lego keyrings are meant to be amusing, yet handy things for the Lego enthusiast both young and old. Some of the Lego keyrings can be difficult to acquire and are encouraging collectors to begin a collection.

You can buy Lego keyrings on websites or at almost any Lego shop. There are tens of different sorts ranging from simple coloured building blocks to Lego Star Wars characters and they are not expensive either.

Lego has been very clever with their keyrings because they are handy little presents for all ages. They are fun objects, they do not cost more than a couple of pounds or dollars and the numbers made of some of them are actually fairly small ensuring a healthy secondary market for collectors on Net auction sites such as eBay.

At the moment there are around four dozen different Lego keyrings ranging from a simple, traditional, red Lego building block with eight stubs to Darth Vader from the Lego Star Wars characters range.

If you would like to begin a collection of Lego keyrings, go to one of the Lego sellers on the Net to see what is available and then go to eBay to find out what has already come and gone. You might be amazed at how a keyring that was bought last year for a few dollars has trebled in value by now.

The most popular of the Lego keyrings are the small figurines. There are policemen, firemen, teachers, postmen, nurses, GP's, spacemen, Batman, Lego Star Wars figures, Lego Harry Potter figures. All types, in fact.

Some of the Lego keyrings are just sold in sets and some are sold at a cheaper price if bought in a set. There is a huge second market on eBay for the new Lego characters and the older ones as well, so if you are interested in starting a new hobby buying and selling Lego figures, have a look in a Lego shop on the Internet for special offers and discounted deals.

If on the other hand, you are not too interested in the Lego keyrings but would still like to be in on the action, you could check out the secondary market in Lego figures. Lego figures can be purchased separately, but they usually come in a package as with the Lego Star Wars figures or the Harry Potter sets.

One suggestion is that these figures are normally relatively expensive, whereas the keyrings are not, so you could buy the Lego keyring of the figure you would like and cut the keyring part off. This is an excellent method of building up your group of Lego characters at a fraction of the normal cost and the only difference is that you cannot remove the arms and legs from the keyring figures like you can from the more expensive other type.

Why would you want to take the arms and legs off anyway? They can only become lost or damaged by removing them. No, go for the Lego keyrings instead.

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