How To Organize Your Coat Closet Or Cloakroom

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Most households have some sort of arrangement near the main entrance to their house, usually the front door, for storing residents' and visitors' coats. Some people have a simple row of hooks in the hall, whereas others have a dedicated coat closet or cloakroom.

Furthermore, most of these spaces are fairly chaotic with coats heaped on top of other coats which are heaped on top of other coats that no-one has worn for years.

You should apply the same rules to organizing this region, let's call it a cloakroom for easy reference, as you do to your bedroom closets or wardrobes. The trick is that everything must have a place and everything should be put in that place, which means that you and all the family or all the household have to understand the rules.

It simply does not make for a tidy cloakroom if some people stick to the rules while others do what they want. Let's take an average family or household of four as another norm. Four people such as this will own a coat or two per person, a jacket, perhaps an umbrella and several pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers maybe.

You could install a shoe rack so that each person can store, say, three pairs of shoes each in the cloakroom. If your shoe rack has four levels then three pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers each. Everything else has to be kept either in the bedroom or the garage. Some footwear is seasonal, so this should not become too much of a hardship.

Likewise with coats and jackets. You could have a row of coat hooks around the walls of the cloakroom and allocate each member of the household a definite number of hooks. (Look out for the cloakroom hooks that have a top and bottom hook - two for the space of one).

Again, all non-seasonal coats to be stored in the bedroom. One more tip here, remember to assign a row of pegs for visitors. Perhaps one of the small walls of a small cloakroom could be set apart for visitors.

A perfect cloakroom would have a shoe rack at the floor level or a bit higher, then a row of double coat pegs and then a shelf running around it. This shelf is very important. Individuals used to wear hats a lot more than they do now, but some people still wear gloves, scarves and shawls that they would rather not hang on a hook and others like to ride a motorbike.

Never worry, you will always find something to put on a shelf in a cloakroom even if it is merely a tin of air freshener to spray around before guests arrive.

One more thing that is often found in cloakrooms that you ought to reserve space for is the vacuum cleaner. It is handy to have a vacuum cleaner in the hall to suck up the bits of mud and rubbish that inevitably get carried or blown into the hall, but you will always have room for one in a well-organized cloakroom

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