How To Build A Backyard Fish Pond

Published: 11th May 2010
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A backyard fish pond will augment the beauty of your garden, there is no question about that. A backyard fish pond will add a focal point to a messy garden and will make a beautiful backyard or garden even more attractive. There is something pleasant about the gurgling and splashing of fresh water.

However, in spite of the massive upside of having a backyard fish pond, there is also the question of maintenance. This is not an onerous task, but it is on-going and does need to be carried out on a methodical basis.

Everybody loves a backyard fish pond. If you already have one, you can bear witness to the fact that visitors, friends and family love to spend time sitting around the edge of your pond watching the fish go about their lazy lifestyles and listening to the rythm or running and splashing water. It seems to enthrall humans and it is therapeutic.

If you do not already own a pond, but want one, the first step is to decide where to position it. A few pointers here:

1] do not site it at a low point in the garden or it might flood when it rains and your fish could swim away.
2] try not to place it under a tree or you will spend the rest of your life dredging leaves out of the water
3] do try to put your backyard fish pond where it will be at least in partial shade at midday

Once you have the prime location, you need to think about size and shape. The most popular formats are: round, square, oval and kidney shaped. The depth of the water is also important if you live in an area that is subject to freezing. Thirty to forty-five inches is enough in most instances, but it would be worth asking neighbours or the local pet shop for guidance.

Once your pond is in place, you can set up your apparatus. You will need a pump to suck the debris out of the water and forward it to the pond filter. However, this pump will allow plant debris to pass through it, so if you want a fountain, you will almost certainly need another pump, otherwise the fountain's jets will become blocked by dead vegetation.

If this all seems a bit much, you can buy a pond kit which contains all the bits and pieces you will need to set up a backyard fish pond. One tip here: if you get solar-powered appliances, it will save on electrician's fees and you will never have an electricity bill for your backyard fish pond.

After fitting the pumps, filter and fountain, you can fill the pond up with water and turn the equipment on. The water is inappropriate for fish at the moment, so just let the apparatus run in and the water mature. This will take a week for the water. Meanwhile, pick your fish and plants and construct any hidey-holes you want to put in for your fish.

When the week is over, you can add your plants and populate your backyard fish pond with fish.

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