How People Become Deaf

Published: 13th July 2010
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Many people have asked themselves how you become deaf} at some time or another. The fact is though that it is not always an easy question to answer, since some people are born deaf and others become deaf. Here are some of the main causes of deafness in later life, that is, they are not birth defects.

Unrelenting very earsplitting music can affect your eardrums and cause a measure of deafness or even total deafness. So, when your parents were warning you to turn the music down when you were a child, they were talking sense. Studies have shown that loud music causes deafness.

Indeed, rock stars such as Eric Clapton believe that playing on stage before very loud speakers is a direct contributing factor to deafness amongst rock musicians. Deafness from loud music is most likely to occur if the musicians play loud music on a recurrent basis, which is precisely what happens when a band is on tour.

Actors and actresses run a pretty high risk of having their hearing impaired by props and special effects. For example, President Reagan had to wear a deaf aid in later life and he attributed that to one day on a set when a gun was fired too near to his head by mistake. Imagine the effect on your hearing of repetitive explosions and gun shots in a war film or a cowboy movie.

Sometimes children go deaf as the result of illness or disease or even puberty. Sometimes this type of deafness wears off but sometimes it does not. Catarrh can also cause deafness in children although this may only be temporary.

Some babies are born deaf and sometimes the reason is genetic or it could be caused by such diseases as cytomegalovirus or toxolasmosis. In fact, there several 'children's illnesses' that can lead to deafness if they are not treated quickly and properly. Ototoxic drugs can also cause deafness as can some other medications.

Premature babies that are were born with jaundice run the risk of being born deaf or of going deaf early in life as do babies that suffered a lack or shortage of oxygen due to an awkward delivery.

People lose their hearing steadily as they get older as well. This is a natural part of the aging process and it could be thanks to to the collective effect of all the loud noise, all the illnesses and their remedies that we have sustained during our lives.

If you work in a noisy environment such as a quarry, a construction site, in the military or at an airport, you should wear ear protectors, otherwise your hearing will most likely worsen gradually. So slowly, that you do not realize it until someone tells you that the TV is too loud.

You should take care of your hearing and instruct your children to do the same from an early age. Young peoples' hearing is not completely developed and so it can be more easily damaged. Therefore, try to keep your young children away from loud noises, including loud music.

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