Best Car Detailing Method For A Showroom Shine

Published: 16th September 2011
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It is one thing to drive a brand new hot, gleaming car from the showroom, and another to own one after it has run over rough roads for thousands of miles.

This lies in washing your car regularly both externally and internally, the best time being in the evening to avoid smears all over the body of the car as the water dries.

Begin your car cleaning exercise with standard tap water, making sure to not use a sponge that picks up grit and dirt and transfers it to other parts of the car. A high-pressure hose or hose pipe with a good jet works best to loosen the grit and dirt.

Allow the dirt to soak as you work on the carís interior. Start by picking up paper and car park stickers, then go on to the vacuuming and wiping down the dashboard, console and all the other plastic with a damp rag using mild detergent for soiled parts. Not using products with silicon avoids a slimy residue.

Making sure the exterior is still wet, use a very soft sponge to gently remove dust particles, making sure to not scour tar or mud deposits.

Begin with the car's roof, working in circles and finishing off with the dirtiest and most grubby areas - the sills and bumpers. Then start the pre-wash phase equipped with a bucket of clean water and a car pre-wash that neither bubbles nor foams easily like Autoglym car shampoo.

However avoid the use of shampoo with built in polish because it makes your task more difficult and the windows hazy. The use of a tar and bug removal spray helps soften stubborn stains.

The main wash requires the use of a quality car shampoo with a slightly stronger sponge or cotton-cleaning pad, the method being comparable to the pre-wash.

The scrub pad removes tough stains on the sills and lower front bumper. Lastly work on the wheels and tyres; make certain you wear gloves as you work on cleaning off grit like brake dust and alloy wheel cleaner and removing solid brake dust containing harsh chemicals.

Next comes rinsing; that is best accomplished with fresh tap water from a watering can. Some people have found excellent result beginning with the roof, using two buckets; avoid contaminating the water with dirt.

Give your car the royal drying treatment with a somewhat damp chamois leather that works like a wiper blade creating a thin film of water that evaporates easily. Clean and polish the glass with a proper automotive glass cleaner and a bit of washed Hessian cloth.

Polishing is the last step necessary; use an electronic buffer to cut polishing time. Working in straight lines with one cloth to apply the polish and a different one to buff it off, you will get a showroom finish.

A jet wash could help polish quickly. This is done by adding polish to a liter of water and rubbing it into the paintwork, avoiding the windows. Rinse it off and squirt clean water with a windscreen washer.

Then set the wipers to work fast to dry the windshield faster. Finally, buff off the damp polish residue with the chamois leather to achieve the showroom shine.

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